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The value of a download

A Minnesota court says each downloaded song is worth 80000USD. That’s a lot of money for a song, but how does it relate to real world things ? Say, body parts.
Luckily, the state of Connecticut puts a value on lost body parts to help us make sense of the court’s decision. According to SimplyHired the average salary in Connecticut is 884 USD/week. Let’s round it down to 800USD/week cause high salary lawyers seldom lose a thumb and figure out what’s worth 100 weeks compensation.
One good candidate is loss of hearing in both ears for 104 weeks. Losing a penis, uterus or vagina can also go up to 104 weeks. The 4 finger menu is worth 103 weeks. But in my opinion the 2 fingers and one nose menu is the winner at exactly 100 weeks.

So, in summary, illegally downloading a song inflicts the same damage as the loss of two fingers and one nose.

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