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Canon S5

Got a new Canon S5 to replace my ancient S1. The main reason for the swap wasn’t the ancient bit but the being broken bit. As far as I can tell it’s just the sensor that went bad, lens and display are clearly working but only noise comes out on the card side (btw, if anyone is interested I can sell the S1 as-is).

The concept is basically the same but brought into this century with a (real) 8Mpx sensor, the glass kept IS and was upgraded to 12x, the memory changed from CF do SDHC and the LCD is larger and more useful. The viewfinder is basically the same and so is the general usage.
One non obvious change is the body being a bit fatter as demonstrated by not fitting correctly into the S1 slot on my camera bag. Other non obvious changes were due to about 6 years of DIGIC development, the S5 as face detect which actually works pretty good to my amazement and ISO1600 which is a crappy as expected. The glass is about the same quality as the S1 (but 6-72 instead of 6-60) and shows some magenta aberration on the edges of the image on bright areas when the zoom is fully extended. Otherwise it’s all good.
The lens cover is like a reflex lens cover instead of sticking just by friction which i guess will work better than the S1.

The only annoying thing is the accessory ring changed from the S1 which means I have to buy a new adapter to use 55mm stuff. So, If anyone is interested in a LA-DC52E conversion lens adapter for the S1 (and G1 to G3 iirc) i’m willing to sell mine. It’s part of the LAH-DC10 kit (adapter+parasol), which I can sell complete.

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