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Google Latitude

There’s a lot of talk in the unwashed media about Google Latitude, all of it clueless drivel from people who heard about it in, well, the unwashed media. Now it reached TWiT so it got to stop.

First of all Latitude isn’t “broadcasting your whereabouts 24/7” like most unwashed media says. It can be setup to do that, but it will probably drain your cell battery in about 30 minutes and run up your data usage so you’ll notice. Latitude has 4 modes of operation, share always with everybody, share always with specific friends, don’t share and lie. And “always” means when Google Maps is active on your cellphone (so S60 users, watch out, S60 has backgrounding has opposed to certain phone OSs so you can leave Maps open by mistake but again you’ll notice the battery draining). And you can lie. You can say you’re where ever you want. Simple as that!

Another thing people fail to realize is Google Maps gave away their location to Google since the beginning. It was just tricky for them to figure out exactly who you were while now you can tell them by signing into your google account to use Latitude. The only thing I’m concerned about is Maps not letting go of my account id after logging out of Latitude but a brief packet inspections shows that’s not the case.

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