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So Long, and thanks for all the Tech

The news of Steve’s death were expected but still came as a shock for everybody. Like if the guy was holding on for one last product launch.

Lots of people wrote extensive, thoughtful and well written eulogies. I will just remark what most impressed me about Steve Jobs, he was a master of simplicity. Simplicity is hard, everyone who tries to write software knows this. For me simplicity is really hard, I’m a crufter so seeing someone churn out products by removing, not adding, features is like magic.

Steve came back from NeXT to Apple, brought UNIX and built an aesthetic and simple UI around it. Then he did the same to the mp3 player and to the smart phone. My first analysis of the iPhone was focused on what it lacked, not what it had. It sounded pretty foolish as soon as iPhones started filtering into people’s hands and it became obvious it wasn’t missing anything. Everything that couldn’t be made perfect was removed. Deliberately. That kind of focus and courage is unique.

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