Treo Stuff

This is about stuff I did for my Handspring Treo 180g.


This is a very bad application. You shouldn't use it as an example for anything as it sucks. It simply spews out a list of the serial ports on the device. This works on all PalmOS devices but it's only mildly usefull if you're a developer. I don't want to hear about it. Really.
WARNING: I didn't bother to to register a creatorID for this, it might conflict with installed stuff - use at your own risk.



This app powers on the phone on your Treo after a reset. It probably works for a VisorPhone too, but I leave you to find that out.

2003 03 19: Released 1.2. It fixes preferences and makes PhoneOn work on CDMA Treos (Treo300). Thanks do Dennis Hennen for his testing.

download - GNU GPL


SerialBridge bridges data across two serial ports across a Palm device. It's mainly aimed at bridging the Wireless Modem and a USB/Serial port on a Treo.

2003 08 24: Released 0.4.1. Silly crash fixed.

download - GNU GPL - README - Changes


TreoHandsFree (TreoHF) lets you dial preset numbers using the headset button. You configure up to 4 numbers and then press the headset button the corresponding number of times.

2003 08 09: 0.0.1 - developer release, it kinda works

download - GNU GPL - README - Changes


TreoGroups implements Caller Groups on a Treo.

Still unreleased

Programing resources

Some resources for PalmOS programming and related software.