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Week in Review 7W2009

  • This is the week of AppStore. Google is on and Nokia and Microsoft is rumoured to be on board to. And of course, 30% is the standard tithe.

  • While Wimax is dying a slow death LTE is on the rise with Verizon deployment.

  • The cloud’s ugly storm is starting to show. After the ma’gnolia snafu, Nokia lost three weeks worth of Ovi. We need to be keeping our data with someone who values it and we know won’t lose it, like Google!

  • Microsoft in a clear 640k move will [limit the basic Windows 7 version to three apps running at the same time( (except antivirus). Way to pump up those “Windows 7, from $99” ads eh Microsoft ? This has been a rough week for MS, really. We discovered not only people don’t want to buy Zunes but they don’t even want to steal Zunes. “Sh*tbrick” does come to mind.

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