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Week In Review 18W2009

  • Life isn’t going good for Nokia. They lost carrier billing for Ovi on US which is basically the only billing they had as they don’t have a long standing relationship with their customers like Apple. The was also the nasty bit about the carriers cut coming out of the developers cut which kind of screamed “fail” from the get go. And then there’s also the worldwide Vodafone widget store for Nokia to worry about. But it’s not all bad news, Nokia release details on the flagship N97 and the hardware isn’t a lot better than 5800XM unlike what people expected from the demos.

  • Have I stopped ragging on Nokia ? Nope. This is the week I noticed Nokia says S60v5 has Browser7.x but both 5800XM and N97 have OSS3.2 which means Nokia is confused. What’s the difference you ask ? Well, OSSBrowser is Safari2, Browser7.x is Safari3. Remeber Safari2 ? Yup, that’s it, the crappy one jQuery and most of the world don’t support anymore.

  • And Vodafone is not only standing up to Nokia but also Google and they went all hint hint about Android having a bit less Google in the future. What’s next Voda ? A little less Apple in iPhone ?

  • Busy week for bad news for mobile people. Motorola is adding up loss quarter after quarter.

  • Another Swedish ISP is cleaning access logs. You gotta love loopholes!

  • Microsoft implemented ODF and it sucks. I mean, it’s not the normal MS sucking bit, they went to extra lengths to suck. Obviously, everybody’s screaming MS is evil. Well, we know about MS being evil already, that’s not new. What people are ignoring is this proves ODF is a crappy standard. Not crappier than your average standard but crappy enough to allow a 100% to spec implementation that doesn’t interop with anything else. Think about it. Update Rui and Paula pointed out the MS implementation is not actually compliant (in fact the original article mentions that as a “side point”). My bad, this is non news. Tkx guys!

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