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Week In Review 19W2009

  • Vodafone is putting some reclaimed analogue TV spectrum in Germany to good use by running a LTE pilot. Take that KnightRider reruns!!

  • Nokia is trying to hype up the Ovi Store by announcing a launch with 20000 items. My bet is most of them will be annoying ring tones.

  • On stupid news of the week, MPAA says fair use involves a camcorder. These guys crack me up.

  • And the week’s police state award goes to France. A TF1 employee emailed his MP as a private citizen letting him know what he thought about the Hapodi proposal. The email made its way from the French Government to TF1. The main diference between EU and US here is in US this would result in a multimillion dollar lawsuit, in EU it just ends up with the guy fired.

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