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Week in review 2015w17

google invented something that looks like not really cheap mobile data but apparently is a clever real time biding mvno scheme

aw snap, a bunch of iOS apps have an old tls broken network lib, there’s a ios wifi bluescreen of death and code injection into OS X signed apps so this has not been a good week for Apple which they compounded by refusing apps that mention pebble

twitter tries to get non-us accounts away from nsa but not might be worth the effort as EU intelligence agency are going rogue too. Meanwhile microsoft enables customer keys in hosted office365

piracy is what happens to my stuff, for other peoples stuff it’s sharing. EU is looking at copyright reform, I’m guardedly optimistic.

if this is not an elaborate hoax dhl and Amazon are working on a way to break into your Audi

conspire to destroy global economy ? It’s all good. Cheat on high school tests ? Go to jail. snowden should have used the confidential material he swiped for romantic purposes with journalists like that totally legit general. real crime prosecutions get dropped cause investigation was illegal but tech companies are the real terrurist lubers.

Somehow I’m not sure these guys made to Obama’s drone list.

chimps are not exactly people and turns out when you give nicotine to bees they become addicted and die.

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