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Week In Review 2015w22

Google had a good week with IO announcing a android evrsion i might actually use, more developer goodies including an automated testing system that’s needed because android. And on the being terrurists side a SD hard crypto card.

On the iOS side a killer sms.

A startup spends years siphoning user’s phones and get bought and sourceforge goes full on douche.

TTIP is a backroom deal fueled by lobbies outside the democratic process that’s literally killing us.

UN says encryption is necessary for basic human rights and even the US senate doesn’t renew NSA widespread spying but Obama doesn’t like it.

What are domains seized by the FBI used for ? porn and malware of course.

It’s dead easy to plant a story in “journalism” and journalism say it’s about ethics in something. And for something cool, a self folding origami robot.

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