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Week in review 2015w26

Samsung making crappy hardware with crappy drivers for an awful experience like it was 1994 and in not really news flash 0day. And because what we need is more uncontrolled root CAs Microsoft silently pushed a bunch more.

Facebook messenger without a Facebook account ? You just need a phone number, your real name and photo and … You’ll have a Facebook account which is more than what you’ll have after youtube decides to steal your url.

GCHQ and NSA putting your tax money to work crippling your civilian infrastructure. Next up, operation mole to put potholes in perfectly good roads.

Baghdad ? Kabul ? No, French taxi drivers.

Fun info graphs about global warming.

If this simple cheap electrolysis devices is for reals its gonna be incredibly cool. And maybe Samsung can make up for shoddy PCs by doubling LiIon battery capacity.

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