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Week In Review 2015w28

After dumping maps Microsoft is taking a huge write off and laying off the nokia division which seems to be more of the killing all things ballmer streak. And to top it off MS is now the first OpenBSD gold contributor. But wait, what ? Apple is changing the brand of their stuff ?

Of course NSA doesn’t read The Heise like everybody else. And we’re cyberdoomed without cyberabackdoors to cyberprotect us aginst cyberattacks says the cyberfbi.

Hacking Team get hacked and we find they go well beyond 0day flash exploits into selling spyware to dictatorships and sabotaging global communications. And boy, is the hacking team ceo ever so mad for getting his privacy blatantly violated.

7nm process chips which is pretty insane.

In China everything is big and when the market crashes the market crashes. And Germany really wants to go shopping in Greece on Sundays, probably cause its shops are closed.

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