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Week In Review 20W2009

  • WiMAX just keeps kicking. Cisco will build kit for Clearwire and desperately try to turn a profit on a technology they sunk a lot of money into. Good luck with that.

  • Microsft put a new anti iPod ad which can be read two ways. On one hand, yes buying music is expensive so we should just steal it. On the other hand and probably in light of the PlaysForSure debacle Microsoft is pushing a subscription model which means you won’t be able to play you music when you stop paying. Or when Microsoft decides to kill the servers. Or when you change PC. Or Zune (probably!!). And on even more MS news, they borrowed an extra $3.8B. Are they trying to over high finance or just getting ready for a spending spree ?

  • On antitrust news, EU fined intel 1 billion(updated, tkx) euros which does look even more impressive in USD. The thing is, EU didn’t even get to half of the potential fine amount so this is kind of a slap on the wrist.

  • Joining the ranks of democratic countries such as North Korea, China, Cuba and Australia France seems hellbent on keeping its citizens away from the internet. Who needs a juri of his peers when you can have a RIAA secret trial ?

  • And the ZOMG award of the week goes to the Sony Pictures CEO who thinks the Internet didn’t being anything good. I wonder if he would say if Sony’s 5 year effort to own digital media distribution didn’t tank miserably in the face of Microsoft’s comparable efforts (what’s this ? Week In Microsoft ??).

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