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Week In Review 21W2009

  • SE needs 100M EUR pocket money to keep operating. That’s what you get for getting caught in a depression after 2 years worth of uninteresting products.

  • Really, do we need Symbian in netbooks ? We barely need Symbian at all these days (hey, I have a S60V5 phone) so maybe the Symbian Foundation should focus on making Symbian work on mobile phones. Meanwhile, Nokia seems to be carrying on with it’s non-symbian tablets. Get the drift Symbian ?

  • In censorship news, a brave kid is running a library of school banned books. Said books include The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Divine Comedy and the Qu’ran so yes you guessed it, they’re banned cause they’re unchristian. That’s the criteria used in today’s USA high schools. And France is trying to outdo itself too!

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