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Week In Review 23W2009

  • On pirate news, ARRRR, the Swedish Pirate Party got into the EU parliament. This isn’t a joke, it means a considerable number of the Swedes believe their copyright law is wrong.

  • The Nokia N97 is out and doing the rounds. It’s nice and all but i’m not sure i’d even consider carrying all that bulk just for a keyboard.

  • E3 happened. MS announced Project Natal which is supposed to be basically a souped up eye toy but is really vapourware. Sony announced the worst kept secret ever. Nintendo announced a few not very exciting but real products (has opposed to exciting nonexisting products).

  • Microsoft decided to tell Obama the way they do business is tax avoidance and they won’t stand for governments trying to force them to pay the taxes the law requires. This also means “don’t tax us, tax the poor saps that work for us”. Cause you know, they money as to come from somewhere.

  • This has been a week full of douchebagging. It came to public attention it’s common practice for health insurers to wedge by holding big tobacco stocks. Everybody wins. And by everybody I mean the health insurers and big tobacco of course. The health insurer have direct interests in keeping tobacco a blooming industry and for their trouble they get to hike insurance premiums and have shorter lived customers.

  • China is installing spyware/censorware on all new PCs. You know, like US public Universities do.

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