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Week In Review 24W2009

  • The week was full of Pre goodies. Typing in the Contra cheat code gets you into dev mode. And right after that came out a clever fella figured out the webOS image was right there in the restoration tool. And that’s not all, there’s a sure and easy way of getting the Pre to run unsigned images. My word! It’s almost as if Palm went out of its way.

  • On net unneutrality a small ISP group on the US is against being gouged by media providers. Looks like media guys want to levy a blanket fee on ISPs for access to its content. Cause you know, actually charging people who want to see it is too much work. And on reverse net unneutrality (uh??) BT wants more money from the BBC. See, that’s just like the first case, but the other way around.

  • The first major splint in the iPhoneOS platform happened with the 3GS supporting OpenGL ES 2.0 and the older hardware only supporting OpenGL ES 1.1. It was bound to happen.

  • Microsoft announced a free antivirus package. It will either naturally flop like a flounder or naturually annihilate all competition. If it’s the later I bet the rest of the AV crowd will give a good run for its money.

  • Asus put out a truly inspired mission statement this week. Asus wants to do products that are better than Apple’s. It’s nice to see vendors shooting for gold once in a while instead of just trying to be slight less crappy than the next guy. I just wonder if they have a plan for Microsoft …

  • Without much surprise the Hadopi law was ruled inconstitutional on grounds of both object and process being illegal. Sometimes the French do remind us sometimes they put the guillotine to use.

  • On cool tech news of the week Nokia is working on sucking in the RF for energy. Basically they want to convert all the background radiation floating around. So if you want to quick charge your phone move near a FM radio station or pop it into the microwave.

  • On pirate news, the PB judge served on the board of a media lobby group to learn about copyright so he ain’t biased. Oh well.

  • Busy week eh ? that’s all folks!

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