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Week In Review 25W2009

  • myTouch 3G (or G2, or HTC Magic) is happening in T-Mobile. If you’re wondering, it’s an Android phone minus the G1 hideous hardware. Against most odds, it’s also coming to TMN in Portugal

  • Comcast seems set on making IPv6 happen by enabling its 30million something customer base.

  • On monopoly news, Microsoft seems to have [strongarmed linux out of the netbook market] just like they did in the past in the laptop market. Or at least that’s what I understand from the Taiwan Trade Authority director broken english.

  • On ditactorship news Germany passed an internet censorhip law this week. The censorship will be DNS based and the censored sites list will be maintained by the police. The objective, as usual, is protecting the children. There’s a number of things plain Wrong with this. First, the mechanism is pathetically easy to defeat so it’s not protecting anyone. Second, fully expect the people maintaining the list to be as incompetent as the people passing the law. And last and foremost, while it won’t protect any children it will make blacklisting any forum, such as the ones that allow anonymous whistleblowing, dead easy by posting illegal material. So in the end, this will a political censorship law and never be able to protect anyone.

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