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Week In Review 26W2009

  • Android week. The HTC Hero is out and about and seems all nice. And there’s a new UI for Android HTC called Sense. I’m not sure I like it and it won’t be making its way to Google branded phones for licensing issues. So it’s present on the Hero and looks a lot like the stuff HTC did for their WinMo phones.

  • And cause Java is yucky there’s a native SDK for Android now. Of course, using the native stuff is even yuckier than going through the java APIs so we’ll only see desperate game programmers using it.

  • Intel and Nokia are getting cozy and will do stuff together. And it will be cool. Or innovative. Something like that. Meanwhile Nvidia goes for WinCE on Tegra netbooks in a bold move to try and kill the platform right on the blocks. Seriously guy. wince ??

  • On pathetic news the RIAA sued someone who doesn’t even own a computer. Keep in mind this are the people who want to automatically disconnect people from the Internet forever, make people pay “compensation” and eventually power of law to put people in jail. On more evil news, the Irish RIAA is suing ISPs instead of users. Won’t nobody set these guys straight ?

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