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Week In Review 38W2009

  • Clearwire, the WiMAX guys, say they can switch to LTE just like that. Just saying you know, the stock doesn’t need to go bust when WiMAX does. Meanwhile, NSN is doing LTE voice which is interesting cause voice is kind of forgotten on the LTE spec.

  • From the American Talibans dept, a movie about Darwin biography can’t get a distributor in the US cause it’s too confusing for creationists. It’s feared US christians and other sects would start a torch and pitchfork which hunt upon watching the movie.

  • On censorship, the HADOPI law is back in France. This, let’s remember is the law that allows a non-police committee to disconnect internet users without due process based on anon tips.

  • And on another interesting DPI newsbit from down under, the Australian Internet Industry Association (sounds like a RIAA offshoot) is suggesting ISPs cut off virus ridden computers. The upside of that is it would dramatically decrease Internet Explorer market share. Oh well.

  • People apparently can turn plastic back into $10/Barrel oil. Which of course means, buried CO2 will become airborne CO2.

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