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The Week in Review 42W2008

  • Luckily a TSA screener was stupid enough to steal a CNN camera and sell it off on eBay otherwise he’d still be lawfully opening people’s bags and then (less lawfully) going ahead and helping himself to whatever looked like sellable for a pretty penny. C’mon TSA, you give these guys a license to go through people’s belongings in a private room and expect not to attract some crooks ?

  • The new Macbooks are out and they sure look shinny. On a sadder note, Firewire seems to be going the way of the dodo. Kind of like SCSI, Firewire is too good to exist in consumer electronics. You know you can actually boot any Firewire enabled Mac in target mode and have it act as an external disk. How often do you need that you ask ? Well, you need it when you really really need it. That’s when!

  • People were still busy getting worked up about the iGoogle canvas when Yahoo when ahead and gave everybody something to get really upset about by apparently killing everybody’s profiles. I don’t use iGoogle all that much so the canvas things doesn’t annoy me that much, nor do I feel threatened by evil canvas stealing applets anyway. On the other hand, if I actually used Yahoo I’d be pretty upset about losing my profiles. Oh well.

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