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Week in Review 52W2008

  • The Economist has posted a per capita computer ownership country breakdown and Portugal is tied with Mongolia for 44th place. Brasil is in 38th, Finland in 20th with one computer for each two fins and Israel is number 1 with a stunning 122% penetration. Coincidentally, Israel’s cell phone penetration is a bit over 120% too so my theory israelis are born with a cell and a laptop.

  • Palm probably does have something to show off at CES as it managed to secure another $100M from Elevation Partners. I still think it’s going to be too little too late but oh well.

  • Those wacky science guys at UtahU are riping off sea worms (urgh) and synthesizing their bioglue to hopefully make bone mending super glue. As opposed of pins and such metal work the glue will (hopefully) be used on shattered bones and joint injuries. With some luck, it will be commonly available when I shatter my hip some 40 years from now!

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